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Built-in plugins


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This is a list of all built-in plugins:

electronicparsers: parsers/abinit, parsers/ams, parsers/atk, parsers/bigdft, parsers/castep, parsers/charmm, parsers/cp2k, parsers/cpmd, parsers/crystal, parsers/dmol, parsers/elk, parsers/exciting, parsers/fhi-aims, parsers/fleur, parsers/fplo, parsers/gamess, parsers/gaussian, parsers/gpaw, parsers/magres, parsers/molcas, parsers/mopac, parsers/nwchem, parsers/octopus, parsers/onetep, parsers/openmx, parsers/orca, parsers/psi4, parsers/qball, parsers/qbox, parsers/quantumespresso, parsers/siesta, parsers/turbomole, parsers/vasp, parsers/wien2k, parsers/yambo, parsers/abacus, parsers/wannier90, parsers/tbstudio, parsers/w2dynamics, parsers/soliddmft, parsers/ocean, parsers/edmft

atomisticparsers: parsers/amber, parsers/asap, parsers/bopfox, parsers/dftbplus, parsers/dl-poly, parsers/gromacs, parsers/gromos, parsers/gulp, parsers/h5md, parsers/lammps, parsers/lib-atoms, parsers/namd, parsers/tinker, parsers/xtb

workflowparsers: parsers/aflow, parsers/asr, parsers/elastic, parsers/fhi-vibes, parsers/lobster, parsers/atomate, parsers/phonopy, parsers/quantumespressophonon, parsers/quantumespressoepw, parsers/quantumespressoxspectra

eelsdbparser: parsers/eels

databaseparsers: parsers/openkim

nomad: parsers/nexus, parsers/elabftw, parsers/chemotion

simulationworkflownormalizer: simulationworkflownormalizer (This is the normalizer for simulation workflows in NOMAD. )

dosnormalizer: dosnormalizer (This is the normalizer for DOS in NOMAD. )

bandstructurenormalizer: bandstructurenormalizer (This is the normalizer for band structure in NOMAD. )

systemnormalizer: systemnormalizer (This is the normalizer for system in NOMAD. )

soapnormalizer: soapnormalizer (This is the normalizer for SOAP in NOMAD. )

spectranormalizer: spectranormalizer (This is the normalizer for spectra in NOMAD. )

simulationworkflowschema: simulationworkflowschema (This is a collection of schemas for various types of simulation workflows. )

runschema: runschema (Run schema plugin for NOMAD. )

perovskite_solar_cell_database: perovskite_solar_cell_database (A NOMAD plugin containing the schema for the Perovskite Solar Cell Database.)