Why you need an Oasis

The software that runs NOMAD is Open-Source and can be used independently of the NOMAD central installation at http://nomad-lab.eu. We call any NOMAD installation that is not the central one a NOMAD Oasis.

oasis use-cases

NOMAD Oasis use-cases

There are several use-cases how the NOMAD software could be used. Of course other uses and hybrids are imaginable:

  • Academia: Use the Oasis for local management of unpublished research data
  • Mirror: Use the Oasis as a mirror that hosts a copy of all published NOMAD data
  • Industry: Use of Oasis to manage private data and full internal use of published data in compliance with strict privacy policies
  • FAIRmat: Use Oasis to form a network of repositories to build a federated data infrastructure for materials science. This is what we do in the FAIRmat project.