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This is a series of short videos that guide you through the main functionality of NOMAD. It covers the whole data-life cycle: starting with data on your hard drive, you will learn how to prepare, upload, publish data, and reference them with a DOI. Furthermore, you will learn how to explore, download, and use data that were published on NOMAD before. We will perform these steps with NOMAD's graphical user interface and its APIs.


The NOMAD seen in the tutorials is an older version with a different color theme, but all the demonstrated functionality is still available on the current version. You'll find the NOMAD test installation mentioned in the first video here.

Uploading and publishing data

This tutorial guides you through the basics of going from files on your computer to a published dataset with DOI.

Exploring data on

This tutorial shows how to use NOMAD's search interface and structured data browsing to explore available data.

Access data via API

This video tutorial explains the basics of API and shows how to do simple requests against the NOMAD api.