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What features are coming next?
We are continuously improving the software behind NOMAD and NOMAD Oasis. Here you can find the features which we are currently planning and developing, and you can see if and where they can be tested.
These features are discussed and developed, but not yet merged. You can participate in the discussion on our forum or open new feature requests.
Oasis data transfer
Allows you to move uploads from one installation to another, e.g. publish data from your Oasis to the public NOMAD service.
ELN and upload UI/UX
We added a lot of features (incremental uploads, custom schemas, ELNs, Nexus) without re-thinking the UI. We are now working on a better user experience.
Chemotion ELN integration
Import notebooks and files from Chemotion into NOMAD.
These features have a preliminary implementation but are still being tested. They are available on the develop branch of our repository or on an Oasis using the develop image tag.
Related resources
On each entry that represents a formal systems, users can initiate a search in sources similar to NOMAD to identify entries on similar materials within other community databases.
Schema base classes
These are re-usable schema parts that you can use to create your own custom data based on shared definitions for things like activities, experiments, measurements, instruments, systems, compositions, and much more.
Hierarchical systems
Complex or large systems (e.g. solutions, interfaces, metal organic frameworks) are broken down into subsystems that can be visualized and accessed independently.
In beta
These features are still experimental and have been put on the NOMAD beta installation or on an Oasis using the latest image tag.
Add schemas, ELNs, parsers, and normalizers to an Oasis installation without building your own Oasis image. Learn more
Custom workflows and visualizer
A new workflow model that allows you to create custom workflows via archive files, custom schema, ELNs, and your own parsers.
ElabFTW and LabFolder integration
Import experiments from the popular eLabFTW via the official .eln file format, or import projects from LABFOLDER.
The NOMAD Remote Tools Hub allows you to run containerized tools like Jupyter directly on your uploaded data.
Recently released
These features have been recently released and can be used on the public NOMAD service or an any Oasis using the stable image tag.
Electronic Lab Notebook functionality
Create and edit structured data based on custom schemas and NOMAD's ELN functionality.
Nexus support
Allows you to upload and parse Nexus files. You can preview HDF5 directly in the browser via H5Web.
Search apps
Allows you to define custom search interfaces for your Oasis. This also includes a solar-cell search app based on the Perovskite Database Project on the public NOMAD service.