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Share data, not files.
NOMAD lets you extract and publish structured data with rich metadata. It provides a unified way to Find, Access, Interoperate with, and Reuse millions of FAIR data from different codes and sources.
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What is NOMAD?
NOMAD is a free web-service that lets you share your data or use comprehensive data that others provide. You can use NOMAD to organize, analyze, share, and publish your materials science data, as well as explore, download, and analyze your colleagues' data.
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FAIR data
Why is NOMAD different?
NOMAD is not about sharing files, it is about sharing data and making data FAIR. All data is organized in well-defined structures that are described by a formal schema. This is the basis for searching (Findable), using APIs (Accessible), converting data (Interoperable), and running tools (Re-usable).
Video tutorials
Getting started
Our short YouTube tutorials provide specific instructions on how to use the core functionality of NOMAD.
Try and test
Other NOMAD versions
In addition to the official NOMAD version, we operate other installations running different NOMAD versions. You can try features which are currently being developed or have an empty test sandbox, or access older versions of NOMAD.