NOMAD Laboratory


Jun 16, 2020

Virtual Conference on a FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics was a big success

With 539 participants from 33 countries and 6 continents, the first virtual FAIR-DI e.V. Conference on a FAIR Data Infrastructure for Materials Genomics was a big success. With the five plenary speakers

  • Barend Mons (Leiden University, Co-Leader of the GO-FAIR Initiative, President of CODATA - The FAIR Guiding Principles in Times of Crisis),
  • Claudia Draxl (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, FAIR-DI e.V. -  New Horizons for Materials Research - Role of FAIR Data),
  • York Sure-Vetter (Director of the NFDI Directorate, KIT - The German Research Data Infrastructure: Concepts, Challenges and Chances),
  • James Warren (Director of the Materials Genome Program, NIST - The US Material Genome Initiative and the Materials Data Infrastructure), and
  • Tong-Yi Zhang (Director of the Materials Genome Institute, Shanghai University  - From Data to Knowledge: Data Driven Discovery of Formulas), 

as well as 28 renown invited speakers, essentially all worldwide leading experts were present. In addition, numerous young scientists presented their research at a poster session and two satellite workshops on NFDI@Teaching and Data Acquisition in Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy.

High-resolution videos of all 33 talks and the discussions as well as the poster pitch videos are available for you on the conference website, the NOMAD Laboratory YouTube Channel and on KouShare. In addition, you will find the videos on this website under outreach/videos.

The impressions of the participants and speakers at this first FAIR-DI conference were consistently positive. All statements can be found on the conference website, here are a few examples: 

  • Giulia Galli (Invited Speaker, University of Chicago, Argonne National Lab): This is the best organized and most pleasantly run webinar I have been part of or participated in!
  • Gabriel Ravanhani Schleder (Poster Presenter, Federal University of ABC, Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory): The conference has shown to us that indeed to connect the community, physical presence is not an obligatory requisite. In fact, the virtual experience has connected even more people, engaging people from around the world in almost all time zones.
  • James Warren (Plenary Speaker, Director of the Materials Genome Program, NIST): The conference was a great success.  I have several Zoom meetings planned with other participants as a direct consequence of your meeting. Also, the format is (so far) the best virtual event I have attended.