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What is the NOMAD Artificial Intelligence Toolkit?


The preparation, synthesis, and characterization of new materials is a complex and costly aspect of materials design. The number of possible materials is practically infinite, about 200,000 materials are “known” to exist. But the basic properties (e.g., optical gap, elasticity constants, plasticity, piezoelectric tensors, conductivity, etc.) have been determined for very few of them. NOMAD develops and provides a big set of tools - the Artificial-Intelligence Toolkit - using the latest artificial-intelligence approaches (including machine-learning, compressed sensing, and data mining) that make it possible to sort all available material data, to identify correlations and structures, and to detect trends and anomalies. Thus, the Artificial Intelligence Toolkit enables scientists and engineers to decide which materials are useful for specific applications or which new materials should be the focus of future studies.

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Introduction to the scope of the NOMAD Artificial-Intelligence toolkit.

The NOMAD Artificial-Intelligence Toolkit is very accessible. Watch this video and learn more about its features.

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By clicking on the image below, you will access a Nature Reviews paper which gives an introduction to the NOMAD Artificial-Intelligence Toolkit.


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