NOMAD Laboratory
NOMAD Laboratory

enables FAIR sharing and use of materials science data


  • Publish your data with our without embargo, get a DOI, and share data with others.
  • We support input and output files of most electronic-structure codes.
  • Watch our video tutorial on how to upload and publish data.



There is a new version of NOMAD (1.1) that we currently provide as a beta version. This installation contains most of NOMAD's data and you can already use it to upload and publish more data. Eventually all data will be migrated to this version. It will become the official NOMAD after a short beta phase. We also provide an empty test version of NOMAD. You can use this to try the upload and publish process without any consequences. We will routinely void the test data. You will find a read-only version of the old NOMAD version 0.10 below as well. You can continue to use this (under its previous URLs) if you still have API clients working with the old version.